Twitching at Bedtime? Here’s Why- And How to Sleep Better

Twitching at night–it’s something few of us talk about, yet it’s also a phenomenon that impacts Kiwis when it comes to sleep quality.  Today we will be discussing twitching while sleeping by telling you the underlying common causes, and what to do to sleep better on your luxury bed mattress more soundly at night.

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Is Twitching at Night Dangerous?

Casual twitching at night is nothing to worry about, but regular muscle spasms may point to different health conditions. Experiencing twitching in your sleep on your luxury mattress can cause an increase in wakefulness and a decline in sleep quality.

What Causes Twitching at Night?

The surprising part is, for many of us, that we don’t understand why we’re twitching while we’re sleeping, and that twitching can make it harder to sleep through the night.

Nutrient Deficiencies:

Nutrition is essential for sleeping well, but even normal functions during the day. And if you’re twitching daytime and nighttime, you could be deficient in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, or an imbalance of Calcium.

Anxiety and Stress:

If you’re experiencing twitching only at night, however, chances are there’s another cause. Twitching at nighttime, often referred to as hypnic jerks, may be caused by chronic stress and anxiety

Exercising Too Late:

Exercise is essential for our overall health and even our sleep; regular exercise helps regulate sleep-wake cycles, our mood, and helps us live our healthiest lives possible. Avoid exercising right before bed, especially intense exercise, could at least worsen twitching while sleeping.

What to do in a severe case?

Get Assessed by a Sleep Specialist

If you’ve tried everything above, you must get assessed by a sleep specialist for sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome. While there’s still not a lot we know about restless leg syndrome, some treatments include addressing a vitamin and iron deficiency; using muscle relaxants and sleep aids.

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If you’re experiencing the occasional twitching at night or on a regular basis, the good news is that it’s almost always not a serious, and highly treatable condition. With these sleep twitching tips, now you know how to finally relax and sleep better.

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Top 5 ways to know if you need a new mattress

 The quality of our bed and mattress can affect our health and happiness in a tremendous way. Mattresses are arguably one of the widely used and most important pieces of furniture at home, it’s quite easy to completely forget to keep a check  long periods of time without realizing that they might be in bad shape and keeping you in bad shape as well.

Mattresses are often camouflaged under sheets and a comforter. We cannot see the wear and tear on everyday basis. Over the years, constant usage often breaks down the spring system and make the inner foam saggy in the corners, eventually leading you to not get a good night’s sleep.

It is really easy to forget about them and regularly checking if they are still in sleep worthy condition.

Check your old mattress

Have you ever thought of replacing your old mattress?

Below are essential top five signs that show that the time has come to get rid of the old mattress. Buying a new mattress can be tricky , expensive and challenging.

 1. Waking up sore and tired.



Do you ever wake up feeling like you never slept?
Does your body feel stiff or sore in early morning?
If you’re waking up to new pains in your back and lower back, your mattress surface and foam is not supporting you throughout the night.

It is time to go shopping for a new mattress. Buying a new mattress can be tricky and challenging. This where Slumberzone NZ beds and mattress help you find the right mattress to best suit your needs.

Avoid waking up sore with Slumberzone beds and mattresses.

Take these as warning signs that your mattress is no longer providing the vital support your lower back and body needs to totally relax and rest all night long. When your mattress fails in providing comfort and support, you will surely toss n turn more often, leading to a bad sleep cycle.


2. Worn, Torn, Saggy n Lumpy

Make sure you check your mattress while changing the sheets. Inspect the mattress for any signs of wear and tear. Any visible sign of being lumpy and saggy indicates that it is the right time to replace it.

3. Couch surfing and recliner lovin!

When you find yourself sleeping on a recliner or the couch and finding it even more comfortable than your bed, this is a warning sign that you need to go to mattress shopping.



Many people who love to sleep on a recliner may benefit from an adjustable bed. You sure don’t want to be sleeping on the couch in your own home when you have a king size bed waiting you to dream like a pro.

4. Age matters!

Scientists suggest that a good rule is to replace your mattress every six to seven years.

If 7 years is the age of your mattress, then a new mattress is more likely to improve your sleep routine.

sound sleep

If you’re turning 40, it might be advised to get a new mattress every four to seven years because our bodies tends to pressure more on the mattress surface as we get older.

5. Tossing n Turning



We are not talking about a new dance routine here!

Stop tossing and turning around with Slumberzone beds and mattresses.

If your partner is tossing and turning all night, you probably aren’t getting comfortable sleep either. This means that the mattress no longer reduces motion transfer like it was supposed to motion transfer. Well, a brand new mattress will not only improve how you sleep pattern at night, it can greatly improve your health and mindset.

 Is your mattress showing any signs of a wear n tear? Let us know in the comments below.


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Slumberzone from New Zealand has proved that a mattress with state of the art technology features is not a distant dream anymore.

In this age of innovations and technology, Slumberzone believes that one of life’s greatest pleasures is a peaceful and restful night’s sleep and we are on a mission to make luxury beds that are affordable for every-day Kiwis.

Slumberzone has successfully strived to keep ahead of the contemporaries by going above and beyond conventional reality. Constantly innovating to make sure our customers get the best sleeping products in NewZealand.

Slumberzone has successfully strived to keep ahead of the contemporaries by going above and beyond conventional reality. Constantly innovating to make sure our customers get the best sleeping products in NewZealand.


Slumberzone’s introduced Total edge support system. It is a strong box like casing which has a softer feel on the outer surface. You will be surprised to feel the plush and luxurious sleep without any sagging on the edges.  You can let your friends and family sit anywhere on the mattress without worrying about the sagging mattress blues.




Due to this terrific technology, you don’t need to worry about turning over the mattress for comfort. Feel like an emperor sleeping on a Slumberzone mattress!


Slumberzone introduced a state of the art mattress technology known as

right mattress

Intelliprings™. Extensive research and engineering was required to provide best posture support and reducing partner roll disturbances. This legendary Intelliprings™ technology has inner and outer coils to maximize posture support and give you a comfortable sleep regardless of any body size or weight. Before you buy a cheap bed, think about buying a luxurious affordable bed with really comfortable spring intelligence!



Foam is major key when it comes to buying a mattress . Slumberzone sleeping specialists have developed breakthroughs in mattress foam technology called Orthocool™ & Cooltech™ memory foam. To break it simple, the memory foam is infused with cooling touch of gel inside and cell which are great for air circulation. This is developed due to growing demand for temperature friendly comfort layers to avoid uncomfortable sleep. The best gel memory foam mattresses you can buy in NewZealand comes from Slumberzone.

AIRCOOL™ is another revolutionary technology introduced by Slumberzone in New Zealand. This type of foam combines with traditional pressure point relieving benefits and unique cell structure which allows your mattress to breathe. This increases the airflow and reduces risk of moisture build-up.




At night, your sleeping partner’s movement can cause a ripple effect which is very similar to ripples in a pond. Don’t worry about that as Slumberzone and a team of sleeping specialists have introduced individually wrapped pocket springs to eliminate partner disturbance. This provides long lasting comfort and ensures that even a light sleeper is immune to such disturbances.

8 exciting ranges to choose from

Slumberzone offers 8 new exciting ranges to choose from. Perhaps you need a bed that’s robust and easy on the pocket for your child’s first big bed. Maybe you long for the ultimate luxury sleep experience with technology infused memory foam, zoned pockets, intelligent springs and natural latex. Whatever you require, click the caption above to choose exciting range of sleep products.




Sleeping specialists and engineers at Slumberzone facility in New Zealand are constantly researching to improve mattresses and beds.

Creating a whole new experience of luxury sleep with state of the art technology at affordable prices for the hardworking Kiwis!



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