Mobile Apps For Better Sleep

Dodging your sleep to watch the last episode of ‘ House of Cards’ on Netflix or finishing the last level on your gaming console (well we know it’s addictive and fun), can take a toll on your health and productivity.

While there are many good mattresses for sale and technologically mastered pillows which help you sleep better, undisturbed and ensure you wake up fresh and rejuvenated, can your smartphone hack into your sleep patterns and help you sleep better?

Luckily, technology is here to help.

If you have a strong determination to improve your sleep quality and patterns, Doctor Slumber from Slumberzone has handpicked some essential mobile apps that can be very handy. Go ahead and download a few of these from the Google play store or iOS app store and rejuvenate.

Ready to experiment with technology in your bedroom suites after investing in best memory foam mattress and pillows?

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sleep bot

Sleepbot is one of the most comprehensive app to track sleep on Android app store, loaded with features and free to download.

It’s revolutionary technology uses your phone sensors to track your movement and the noises you make at night to calculate quality of the sleep you’re getting.

You can also set smart alarms for that time when you’ll wake up feeling naturally. Equipped with the goal-setting features and sleep advice included in the mobile app, it covers just about all areas to track your sleep.

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Available at :                      google play


sleep cycle

Big time favorite on iOS app store for a long time, Sleep Cycle  is now on Android app store as well, though you have to pay to download the app. So what do you get for your money? It tracks your sleep patterns through your movements and can also give you a gentle nudge in morning when you’re in the period of light sleep.

Sleep cycle developers say that you should place your phone in a corner of your mattress just before you go to sleep to get the best results.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: sleep cycle

Available at :                              App store



Snoring may not bother you at all, but it surely bothers people around you. There are few things you can do to address this problem. The very first step is to realize you have a problem. There are many mobile apps in the market to monitor and measure your snoring, that’s where Snore Lab comes in.

Snore lab helps you measure, record and reduce your snoring. It features advanced snore detection technology and measures intensity of your

snoring. It also allows you to compare snoring across nights. You can grab this app from the Apple iTunes app store.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: sleep cycle

Available at:                    App store


sleep talk recorder

This is a simple application that is still a whole lot of fun. You open it when you are about to sleep, a preset timer counts down (while waiting for you to fall asleep) and records ambient sounds while you sleep. Keeping all parts of the recording that are stronger than a certain size, which would normally be any conversation while you sleep. When you wake up, you get a list of audio bits of the night to give you stats, if you sleep talk and what you say if you did.

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Available at:                               google play        App store



sleep genius

This app was initially created to help astronauts (NASA) fall asleep, so beware – some big words ahead!

Binaural Beats – These types of beats help train your brain to stay asleep and sleep better.

Psychoacoustic Music – This is the kind of music that is composed specifically with low tempo and frequency. This helps slow your brain waves to help you relax and ultimately sleep better.

All of these come from multiple years of studies to combined to form the perfect sleep app.

Our favorite feature of this app is the alarm. The alarm is set to wake you up gradually with a gentle five minute revive cycle. When the alarm initiates, the sound is a little different and slowly changes to activate and wake up your brain. This is much better than the alarm sound that you normally wake up to.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: sleep cycle

Available at:                google play        App store

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