We spend a third of our life in bed – whether that time is spent sleeping comfortably, Or as for a lot of people, turning and tossing all night due to lack of comfort and support your sleeping mattress provides you.

Sleeping on the wrong kind of beds or mattress is one of the main reasons for the neck, back and shoulder pain. A mattress that isn’t perfectly suited to your body shape can reinforce poor sleeping posture, strained muscles and unnatural spine alignment throughout the nighttime. As a result, we are left waking up in mornings wondering why our body is so sore and stiff.

When we lie in a position for a long period of time, the weight of our body reduces blood flow in that area causing our nerve cells and pain sensors to send a message to our brain to change the sleeping positions. Rolling over can restore the blood flow but it also disrupts our sleep.

Ideally, Our sleeping mattresses decrease our body’s pressure points so that we are able to receive a healthy, tranquil sleep.

How do we know what constitutes as the right mattress for us?

Sometimes when your mattress is too soft,  our body starts sinking in which can cause our spine to curve. But if we are on a mattress that is too hard, we will put too much pressure on our shoulders and the neck area, causing pain, back aches. So it is really important to find that balance where your spine area is supported and the mattress follow the contours of our body.

Many people suffering from back pain assume the more firm the bed the better the sleep would be, which is not always the case. It is really important that our mattress and pillow together cushion our body to ensure that our spine is kept in a neutral position while sleeping.

Poor alignment of the body can cause stress in wrong places, your size and weight will always be crucial in selecting the most suitable type of mattress.

Many of us avoid getting a new bed/mattress as it can be very expensive purchase; However, finding the right type of mattress that works for you isn’t about buying one that costs more money. Instead, It is more about what your body type needs in a mattress. Body shapes always differ in size, so what might work for you might not necessarily work for your partner, parents or kids.

One can choose from the 3 levels of comfort:

Hard – People who suffer from intense back pain and problems are usually recommended to have hard mattress by doctors. You should go for a solid type of mattress which is not that soft. Choose from the wide variety of hard type comfortable, luxury mattress in New Zealand offered at Slumberzone website.

Medium – If your preference is not soft neither hard than a medium feel comfort mattress is the ultimate mattress to sleep on. Buying a luxury mattress with this type of comfort is a great option.

Soft – To feel a more comfortable sleep this type of mattress is the best option to consider. If you are looking for a luxury mattress or a king size mattress  to sink while sleeping buy a soft mattress.

Looking for the right type of mattress is a process that involves research and patience. However, It is worth the time because it could be the most important platform for a supportive, comfortable and undisturbed sleep pattern.

You can say goodbye to neck and back problems by investing in a good mattress for a healthy sleep. If you wake up with a pain in the back and it goes away after you get moving then there is a problem with your mattress. Back pain and neck pain can be cured by buying a mattress with proper support.

Your spine and shoulders will be supported insufficiently when you are sleeping on a extremely hard or soft surface. This way of sleeping can have a bad influence on the curvature of your spine, nerves and vascular structures. Your sleep can be also influenced by other factors such as excessive transpiration, limited freedom of movement on mattress or not being able to stabilize your body.

The best solution to all these problems would be a good luxury mattress that supports your spine and shoulders properly while you sleep. People who suffer with existing back problems require a good balance between comfort and support .We hope to help you with that at Slumberzone mattress in New Zealand. Please visit our luxury bedding, premium beds and mattress catalogue in order to find the right sleeping surface to relieve back and shoulder pain.

Slumberzone mattresses are the best remedy to say goodbye to back and neck pain problems. It provides ultimate support and comfort sleep to your body. Slumberzone believes in providing comfortable and healthy sleep by focusing on the customer requirements.

We want you to Sleep Healthy, Wake Beautiful and start the day feeling rejuvenated and energized.