While New Zealand’s sun is still providing us with vibrant blue skies and clear sunlight, the nights are starting to wane a little colder. Waving a reluctant farewell to the close of summer, Kiwis from the Cape to the Bluff are beginning to unearth their warmer sleepwear and their favourite woolly socks!

With the onset of Autumn’s pervading ‘chill in the air,’ we tend to appreciate our creature comforts all the more – a hot cup of milo, toasty toes by the fire, and the soft, dry cosiness of a Slumberzone bed.

Perfect for preparing for hibernation this coming winter, Slumberzone have designed the Hibrido. With its sturdy NZ pine frame, the Hibrido has a particularly indulgent touch of luxury. Layers of, high density foam, Purolax Natural Latex and Orthocool Gel Memory Foam, provide the perfect balance between soft comfort and unyielding support.

Dr Slumber also added a final touch of finesse in the design with the inclusion of Silk Floss Quilting. Cherished the world-around for its opulent lustre and feel, silk it turns out is also quite a handy natural material.

A long-lasting fibre obtained from the cocoons of the silk worm, silk absorbs moisture and is a natural temperature regulator.

Why does moisture absorption help to keep us warm? Perspiration is our body’s answer to keeping us cool – great in summer, but not so helpful in winter. Natural fabrics like silk and wool help to draw moisture away from the skin, leaving us dry, warm and fresh.

The Hydrido also features BREATHSOFT™ foam. A type of foam designed with an open cell structure, allowing for improved air circulation and a healthier temperature controlled sleeping surface.

The latest advances in foam technology results in better mattress aeration, keeping you and your family dry, toasty and tucked in during those quiet winter nights.