Graphite Foam from Belgium


Graphite occurs in metamorphic rocks as a result of the reduction of sedimentary carbon compounds during metamorphism. It also occurs in igneous rocks and in meteorites


The graphite foam has very high thermal conductivity, low density, and a large specific surface area. Because of these properties, graphite foam is considered as a potential thermal material. Graphite has small spherical “pores,” which allow it to absorb heat, better than other elements often used for cooling. Over a period, layers of Graphite foam have become a popular choice for high-end mattresses.

Studies have shown that its heat-resistant property provides the ability which may keep your mattress and body temperature cool in the nighttime and its porous nature provides you with great comfort and body posture support.

Our Graphite foam from Belgium is better than any other foams in the market because we do not use memory foam and graphite layers separately in our mattresses. The foam itself is a memory foam mixed with graphite to give a great restful sleep with outstanding comfort.

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