Sleep is essential, it allows your body to rest and recover.

Getting good quality sleep is vital to your overall health, both physical and mental. Good sleep starts with good mattresses and beds. When you buy a new mattress, thinking about all the choices and various options you have can easily become overwhelming. But once you research in terms of comfort, style, type and other factors, it will make buying a new mattress a lot of fun instead of a daunting task to do. Here at SlumberZone, you can find premium, as well as Budget Beds according to your Comfort.

Know your Budget:

Before you deep dive into buying a new bed, you should first determine exactly how much are you willing to spend. It will be hard to fall in love with a mattress and not being able to afford it.

Well, the more luxurious a mattress, the more expensive it will be. However, Slumberzone has luxury beds with state of the art technology at affordable prices for people of New Zealand. Knowing how much you can spend on a new bed will allow you to look at your options and narrow down your choices.  That way, when you find the perfect bed within your budget, you won’t be disappointed.

Realistic expectations within your target budget can lead to a successful mattress shopping experience. However, you can try out incredible sale offers by Slumberzone for beds in Wellington, beds in Auckland stores during their mattress sale. At Slumberzone stores, you’ll be sure to go back home with a high quality, luxurious and comfortable bed.

Sleeping Position Matters

When you are looking for a new mattress, it is a great idea to begin the buying process by considering what kind type of sleeper you are.

You may think that it might not make a big difference in choosing the right mattress, or that the answer to this question truly matters when it comes down to finding the right pillow. If that’s the case here then you’re mistaken.

  1. Back Sleeper. For example, if you are a back sleeper type, you will need to find a mattress that offers you extra added support. You may not be aware of it, but laying on your back actually puts a lot of pressure on your spine area. As a result, your bed needs to have that extra layer of If you are a back sleeper, look for a mattress that isn’t too soft. Instead, a mattress that is plush or medium firmness is a great idea, just as a mattress topped by memory foam can improve your sleep. Either choice will help to cradle and cushion the body, while at the same time still providing enough support to make sure that your spine is comfortable.
  2. Side Sleeper. If you are a side sleeper type, you’re in luck: this type of sleep position is actually best for your body. It takes extra pressure off your spine, in addition to a variety of other health benefits. For example, if you suffer from acid reflux, sleeping on your side can help to eliminate symptoms during your sleep. Also, every pregnant woman knows that sleeping on your side is not only comfortable but also healthy because it eliminates strain on your heart. The pressure exerted from the baby can slow down the flow of blood to the heart and make it have to pump harder. But in order for side sleeping to be truly beneficial for sleep and health, you have to make sure that you are comfortable. For example, it’s important to have a bed that will conform to your body while also providing good support. If your bed can’t accomplish that, sleeping on your side can be a strain on your shoulders and hips.
  3. Belly Sleeper. Many people enjoy sleeping on their stomach most of the time. This position isn’t the most ideal sleep position for your body because it can put pressure on your lungs. Yet, many of us find it simply the most comfortable position for sleep. Sleeping on your stomach tends to put additional strain on your spine area. Finding the right mattress, you’ll help to control this pressure and get a good night’s sleep. You want to find a mattress that is right in the middle of firmness and softness. If it’s too soft, the mattress won’t provide enough support for your body. If, on the other hand, it is too firm, then the mattress will not allow your spine to relax in a natural position.

Organic Beds To Consider

Hearing the word organic in a mattress description may seem a little strange. But in reality, choosing a mattress with organic materials makes perfect sense. An organic mattress is organic not only because of the materials used in its core, but also the materials used to bind the mattress together and good for skin. Most queen size bed, luxury beds and mattresses by Slumberzone in New Zealand are made with organic materials which are great for healthy and refreshed sleep.

Most beds nowadays are filled with organic materials. For example, latex foam used in mattresses comes from the sap of a tree. Additionally, materials like cotton, wool and bamboo are all natural organic components commonly used in a mattress. When you buy a mattress from Slumberzone, you will sleep better knowing that there are no harmful chemicals on your mattress, enabling you to be safe in a high quality and luxurious bed.

Do Your Research First

So now you know your price range to buy a mattress.You know what type of sleeper you are, and you know what style of mattress you are looking for in New Zealand.

The last step is to go and check out several beds. A bed from one brand may feel very different from a similar bed by another brand. You can get a good idea of the firmness, softness, spring or foam, movement response and feel of the mattress. Knowing what kind of mattress you are looking for will make your visit to the stores less stressful.

When you visit Slumberzone stores with your ideas in mind, your budget clearly defined, and what beds you are interested in, you’ll find your visit to be a really smooth process.

Getting a new bed or mattress is and should be a very exciting time, especially if you are currently sleeping on an old, saggy and uncomfortable mattress. The idea of waking up while feeling rested and refreshed is tantalizing. That idea can easily become reality when you find the right bed, which is much easier when going through the above process. To find the perfect premium range of mattresses for your needs in New Zealand, please contact your local Slumberzone retailer.