Lower back pain is one of the top most reasons that most people begin to lose their mobility in middle age. This kind of pain can keep people away from engaging in physical activities. It is even more difficult for them to maintain their stamina and strength balance as they age. Treating and managing back pain with care is really crucial for staying healthy and leading an active life.

Most people on earth spend one-third of their lives lying in bed, choosing the right mattress is essential for lower back pain problems. It can make a lot of difference to how do you sleep at night and function the next day.

If you are sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress then it can cause or really worsen your lower back pain. Lack of right amount of  support from a mattress results in poor sleeping posture, muscle strains and doesn’t keep the spine in alignment while you sleep, all of these factors contribute to low back pain.

The comfort of your sleep is also sacrificed if a good mattress does not match one’s individual sleeping preferences. A sleeping surface (mattress) which  provides both comfort and back support can really help reduce lower back pain, allowing the spinal cord structures to rest and heal during the night.

Nowadays, there is a  vast variety of mattresses on the market to choose from, choosing the right kind of mattress can be difficult.

Following guidelines are designed by Slumberzone in New Zealand to help patients with lower back pain issues choose the best mattress for both lower back support, refreshed and energized sleep pattern.

  1. Your personal choice should ultimately determine what mattress is best.

There is no single mattress type or style that works for all kinds of people with lower back pain issues.” Any kind of mattress that helps your sleep cycle without stiffness or pain is the right mattress for that person. People facing problems with lower back pain issues should choose the type of mattress that meets their sleeping standards for back support and comfort This will allow you to get a comfortable and rejuvenated sleep.

  1. Inquire and understand the technology used in the mattress.

The inner springs or coils of a mattress provide the support. Different type of mattresses varies in their arrangement and number of coils. Foam padding on top of the mattress comes in various thicknesses. The depth of mattresses typically ranges anywhere from 6 to 18 inches deep. Orthopedic and spine care beds are also a great choice. Choosing the type of foam padding, the number of coils  and mattress technology should be determined by individual preferences suiting their comfort and budget.

  1. Find a good mattress with back support.

Any kind of mattress that provides both back support and comfort can help reduce lower back pain. This also allows the spinal cord structures to rest and heal during the night. A good mattress must provide support for the natural alignment and curves of the spinal cord. An adequate amount of back support can help you avoid muscle soreness in the morning. You would want to wake up refreshed and energized rather than in pain.  One scientific research found that medium-firm mattresses can provide lower back pain relief than firm mattresses.

  1. Achieve the right balance between back comfort and back support.

Overall sleep comfort on your mattress is equally necessary as sufficient lower back support. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause backaches and pains on pressure points. A medium-firm type of mattress may be more comfortable while sleeping because it allows the hips and shoulders to sink in slightly. Patients with lower back problems who want a firmer mattress for back support can get one with thicker padding for better sleep comfort.

  1. Know when it’s time to get a new mattress.

Well, If your old mattress is sagging visibly in the middle or corners and not giving you a comfortable sleep then it’s probably time to purchase a new one. Trying out different techniques like putting boards under a saggy mattress to keep it from sagging is only a short-term fix. If you are waking up with pain and sores then it is time to change your mattress. Good sleep can lead to better productivity and overall happiness.

Making the right choice can be tricky when it comes to buying the best mattress for you or your family member. If you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for 8-10 years(or more), it’s time to look for a new one. Any kind of new replacement is going to be better than the saggy foundation of your old mattress.

Hope our Mattress tips will help you make the right Mattress for lower back pain issues.