Life Can Be Hard, But Finding The Best Memory Foam Mattress Doesn’t Have To Be.

Are you waking up tired, even a little stiff after a night in your own bed?  Are your and your partner constantly waking each other up tossing and turning? Maybe that hand-me-down mattress that you got to save money just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Or it could just be time for an upgrade.  Today with so many beds for sale it may seem a daunting task to find the right one for your needs.  Whatever the case may be, here is exactly what you need to know about memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam beds have been growing in popularity since their inception over the last several decades.  NASA originally created memory foam technology in the 1970’s to help protect astronauts from high intensity liftoffs and landings.  Not too long after, the material became commercialized and found its way into the mattress industry.  Today it a popular alternative to innerspring mattresses.

But what are memory foam mattresses actually made of?

The main property of memory foam mattresses is polyurethane, a visco-elastic material.  Polyurethane is a synthetic foam material that is non-toxic and molds to the shape of your body.  Depending on where your memory foam mattress comes from it will contain additional chemicals that affect the density of the mattress.

The visco-elasticity of the material simply means that the foam will mold to your body based on the heat that your body produces.

Memory foam mattresses are graded based on three primary factors :

First is the weight of the mattress.  As mentioned before, the weight simply refers to the density in pound per square foot.

Resilience is the next factor.  The resilience of the mattress is a reflection of its springiness.  Lower levels of resilience mean less pressure on your body while the higher levels indicate a firmer foam and increased pressure.  Many memory foam mattresses use alternating layers of differing resiliencies to maximize comfort.  Often this means a layer of low resilience foam on the surface level with higher resiliency foam underneath.  This is something to look for in your search for the best memory foam mattress.

And finally, the ILD Rating (Indentation Load Deflection), which is really just a measure of how hard or soft the mattress is.  A higher ILD rating reflects firmer foam.

If you want to read more about how beds are graded check this article out. ( Origin of Memory Foam)

 Memory foam has been noted by many for its ability to provide pain relief.  This is crucial especially if you or your partner are the types to sleep on your side.  Side sleepers often experience more pain because of the increased number of pressure points on the mattress.  Lower density foam mattresses take the load off of that pressure and leave you with a painless nights sleep.

Along with providing comfort to your achy body, memory foam can also be an amazing solution for light sleepers.  If you are like many other Aussies, even the slightest movement from your partner can jolt you out of your slumber.  Well fortunately for you memory foam mattresses are great at dissipating movement leaving you and your partner unbothered by tossing and turning.

Now one thing to consider when buying a memory foam mattress is the temperature factor.  Unlike your traditional innerspring mattress, memory foam is more influenced by ambient heat.  That means that the mattress may retain more of the surrounding heat.  Generally this won’t be the worst thing in the world as you can hop over to your thermostat and turn it down a few degrees.

Another thing to note is the odor of a memory foam mattress.  When you first get your new memory foam mattress, you may notice a slight odor from the production process.  Not to worry this is completely normal!  Just make sure to leave your mattress to air out for 24 to 48 hours before putting the sheets on and catching some zZzZzZ’s.

Remember! Your mattress is probably the most important piece of furniture in your house.  Doing your research and learning more about what is out there is the first step to finding the mattress of your dreams.  A new mattress could truly change your life and the best memory foam mattress for you could be just a few clicks away.

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Nothing lets you feel as recharged and rejuvenated as a good night of rest – but if your mattress giving you the support for a sound night of sleep? A majority of people have the wrong mattress, which can affect sleep.

Sleep Like A King With Slumberzone Mattress NZ

And without sleep, even the nicest of people can turn into a monster.

Sleep is important for all kinds of reasons – your mental health, your physical health, even your emotional health. And nothing gives you a great night sleep quite like a comfortable bed suited just for you.

A significant amount of health problems can be linked back to lack of sleep, as well as a bad mattress. Sleeping on a mattress that isn’t suited for you can leave you with backaches, sore legs, neck pain and more. The longer you put up with the mattress, the more problems you will have.

No matter what you may be looking for Slumberzone has the perfect bed waiting for you. With so many different options available, there is a choice for even the pickiest of people. Whether you’re looking for a soft mattress or hard, something with a little spring or maybe a bed that cuts back on your partner’s disturbance.

Either way, you deserve the bed you want. With Slumberzone’s latest and greatest moves in technology, we’re guessing we have a choice for you. After all, it’s more than just a mattress to us. It’s someone’s life and health!

Slumberzone has designed its own technology to meet the needs of everyone. The Techno 10X Pocket Spring System features a customized design that offer support and firmness when you lay in it.

Techno 10X Pocket Spring System by Slumberzone

Or, if you’re looking for something softer, there’s the option of the Breathsoft Foam. It acts exactly as it sounds: An open cell formula of foam increases air circulation, which is perfect for those who suffer from heat during the night.

Slumberzone has also come up with a coil system that offers both support and firmness. This is for the kind of person that gets disturbed several times during the night, thanks to their partner. You won’t even be able to feel him or her moving during the night!

When you’re looking for the best memory foam mattress, Slumberzone has you covered here.  Traditional memory foam is a thing of the past! The new Aircool Memory Foam works to keep air circulating more freely, which keeps your bed (and you) much cooler, all while shaping to your body.

A Guide To The Best Memory Foam Mattress NZ - Slumberzone Tips

Not only are you getting a fantastic mattress, but you’re getting the honesty and integrity that comes along with a brand like Slumberzone. You can count on each and every mattress to be created perfectly. As a 100$ New Zealand owned and operated company, quality is key, as we want our customers to stick with us. That’s why we offer warranty for all of our products – to ensure your happiness, safety and comfort.

Our customers are our biggest sales force. Our dedication and customer-service driven attitude coupled with a wide selection of beds is exactly what keeps people coming back for more. We stick with you from the very beginning of the sale until your mattress is set up and installed at your home. You get so much more than a mattress here – you get technical support, advice, expert designers and more.

One way we do this is by continually updating our technology. We’re able to look past modern day reality and look ahead, gathering information for products of the future. We use a mix of the latest in spring technology and the latest and greatest in foam memory to provide you with top-of-the-line products.


After all, you deserve to sleep like a king! With our king size mattresses, spreading out and getting comfortable has never been easier. With the Slumberzone mattress of your dreams, getting up doesn’t have to be a battle. You’ll fall asleep instantly, as you melt into your perfect mattress. No more fitful nights or getting disturbed by your partner.

Whether you want to feel as though you’re sleeping on a cloud or need something with more support, Slumberzone has the choice for you. Isn’t it time you started sleeping like a king?

Slumberzone Memory Foam Mattress NZ

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Slumberzone from New Zealand has proved that a mattress with state of the art technology features is not a distant dream anymore.

In this age of innovations and technology, Slumberzone believes that one of life’s greatest pleasures is a peaceful and restful night’s sleep and we are on a mission to make luxury beds that are affordable for every-day Kiwis.

Slumberzone has successfully strived to keep ahead of the contemporaries by going above and beyond conventional reality. Constantly innovating to make sure our customers get the best sleeping products in NewZealand.

Slumberzone has successfully strived to keep ahead of the contemporaries by going above and beyond conventional reality. Constantly innovating to make sure our customers get the best sleeping products in NewZealand.


Slumberzone’s introduced Total edge support system. It is a strong box like casing which has a softer feel on the outer surface. You will be surprised to feel the plush and luxurious sleep without any sagging on the edges.  You can let your friends and family sit anywhere on the mattress without worrying about the sagging mattress blues.




Due to this terrific technology, you don’t need to worry about turning over the mattress for comfort. Feel like an emperor sleeping on a Slumberzone mattress!


Slumberzone introduced a state of the art mattress technology known as

right mattress

Intelliprings™. Extensive research and engineering was required to provide best posture support and reducing partner roll disturbances. This legendary Intelliprings™ technology has inner and outer coils to maximize posture support and give you a comfortable sleep regardless of any body size or weight. Before you buy a cheap bed, think about buying a luxurious affordable bed with really comfortable spring intelligence!



Foam is major key when it comes to buying a mattress . Slumberzone sleeping specialists have developed breakthroughs in mattress foam technology called Orthocool™ & Cooltech™ memory foam. To break it simple, the memory foam is infused with cooling touch of gel inside and cell which are great for air circulation. This is developed due to growing demand for temperature friendly comfort layers to avoid uncomfortable sleep. The best gel memory foam mattresses you can buy in NewZealand comes from Slumberzone.

AIRCOOL™ is another revolutionary technology introduced by Slumberzone in New Zealand. This type of foam combines with traditional pressure point relieving benefits and unique cell structure which allows your mattress to breathe. This increases the airflow and reduces risk of moisture build-up.




At night, your sleeping partner’s movement can cause a ripple effect which is very similar to ripples in a pond. Don’t worry about that as Slumberzone and a team of sleeping specialists have introduced individually wrapped pocket springs to eliminate partner disturbance. This provides long lasting comfort and ensures that even a light sleeper is immune to such disturbances.

8 exciting ranges to choose from

Slumberzone offers 8 new exciting ranges to choose from. Perhaps you need a bed that’s robust and easy on the pocket for your child’s first big bed. Maybe you long for the ultimate luxury sleep experience with technology infused memory foam, zoned pockets, intelligent springs and natural latex. Whatever you require, click the caption above to choose exciting range of sleep products.




Sleeping specialists and engineers at Slumberzone facility in New Zealand are constantly researching to improve mattresses and beds.

Creating a whole new experience of luxury sleep with state of the art technology at affordable prices for the hardworking Kiwis!



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5 essential mobile apps to help you sleep better!

Mobile Apps For Better Sleep

Dodging your sleep to watch the last episode of ‘ House of Cards’ on Netflix or finishing the last level on your gaming console (well we know it’s addictive and fun), can take a toll on your health and productivity.

While there are many good mattresses for sale and technologically mastered pillows which help you sleep better, undisturbed and ensure you wake up fresh and rejuvenated, can your smartphone hack into your sleep patterns and help you sleep better?

Luckily, technology is here to help.

If you have a strong determination to improve your sleep quality and patterns, Doctor Slumber from Slumberzone has handpicked some essential mobile apps that can be very handy. Go ahead and download a few of these from the Google play store or iOS app store and rejuvenate.

Ready to experiment with technology in your bedroom suites after investing in best memory foam mattress and pillows?

slumberzone best memory foam mattress


sleep bot

Sleepbot is one of the most comprehensive app to track sleep on Android app store, loaded with features and free to download.

It’s revolutionary technology uses your phone sensors to track your movement and the noises you make at night to calculate quality of the sleep you’re getting.

You can also set smart alarms for that time when you’ll wake up feeling naturally. Equipped with the goal-setting features and sleep advice included in the mobile app, it covers just about all areas to track your sleep.

Dr Slumber Ratings :    Dr slumber ratings

Available at :                      google play


sleep cycle

Big time favorite on iOS app store for a long time, Sleep Cycle  is now on Android app store as well, though you have to pay to download the app. So what do you get for your money? It tracks your sleep patterns through your movements and can also give you a gentle nudge in morning when you’re in the period of light sleep.

Sleep cycle developers say that you should place your phone in a corner of your mattress just before you go to sleep to get the best results.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: sleep cycle

Available at :                              App store



Snoring may not bother you at all, but it surely bothers people around you. There are few things you can do to address this problem. The very first step is to realize you have a problem. There are many mobile apps in the market to monitor and measure your snoring, that’s where Snore Lab comes in.

Snore lab helps you measure, record and reduce your snoring. It features advanced snore detection technology and measures intensity of your

snoring. It also allows you to compare snoring across nights. You can grab this app from the Apple iTunes app store.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: sleep cycle

Available at:                    App store


sleep talk recorder

This is a simple application that is still a whole lot of fun. You open it when you are about to sleep, a preset timer counts down (while waiting for you to fall asleep) and records ambient sounds while you sleep. Keeping all parts of the recording that are stronger than a certain size, which would normally be any conversation while you sleep. When you wake up, you get a list of audio bits of the night to give you stats, if you sleep talk and what you say if you did.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: Soctor slumber

Available at:                               google play        App store



sleep genius

This app was initially created to help astronauts (NASA) fall asleep, so beware – some big words ahead!

Binaural Beats – These types of beats help train your brain to stay asleep and sleep better.

Psychoacoustic Music – This is the kind of music that is composed specifically with low tempo and frequency. This helps slow your brain waves to help you relax and ultimately sleep better.

All of these come from multiple years of studies to combined to form the perfect sleep app.

Our favorite feature of this app is the alarm. The alarm is set to wake you up gradually with a gentle five minute revive cycle. When the alarm initiates, the sound is a little different and slowly changes to activate and wake up your brain. This is much better than the alarm sound that you normally wake up to.

Doctor Slumber Ratings: sleep cycle

Available at:                google play        App store

Dr Slumber     Stay tuned for more from Dr Slumber!


Slumber zone aims at ensuring healthier sleeping patterns. Tell us your experiences in the comments below!



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