Slumberzone Bed Manufacturers
Comfortable beds at comfortable prices

As bed manufacturers and importer, we believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is a restful night’s sleep and our mission is to make luxury beds that are affordable for every-day Kiwis.

We manufacture an exciting range of luxury beds from our two large Auckland-based factories. To view our product range, click here.

Why put up with a poor night’s sleep?

Most of us spend about one-third of our lives in bed. So, why put up with a poor night’s sleep? Everyone is different – one bed does not fit all. This is why we support our retailers so that they are equipped to recommend the best bed for you.

Luxury beds at very comfortable prices

Our beds all have the same high-quality features you would expect of a luxury bed, but at very comfortable prices. Features like:

No partner disturbance: At night, a partner’s movement causes a ripple effect similar to the ripples in a pond.Our foam-encased pocket spring mattresses ensure that even a light sleeper is immune to partner disturbance.

No-turn technology: There is no need to turn your mattress over for comfort. Our mattresses are designed to be slept on one side only. This increases your comfort as we invest more resources into the side of the mattress you sleep on. It also saves you money because fewer materials are used overall.

Natural latex: Many of our mattresses include natural latex in the pillow top (the side you sleep on). This luxurious material is hypoallergenic, neutralises heat and breathes easily ensuring you get a restful night’s sleep.

Memory foam and gel-infused memory foam: By targeting pressure points and contouring to your unique body shape, this cutting-edge technology creates a comfortable sleeping surface in an instant.It’s healthy too because the gel particles inside increase air flow and allow your mattress to breathe and resist moisture build-up.

Best-possible fabrics: We take the time to select the best possible fabrics to allow for functionality and new fashion trends. Our silk and bamboo-enriched fabrics enable your bed to breathe and always have a feeling of warmth and luxury,

Zoned pocket springs: For a consistently great sleeping surface, stronger individually-wrapped pocket springs are positioned where you need the most support. This provides longer-lasting comfort and ensures that you get more value for money and longer life from your bed.

So, how can we provide luxury beds at such great prices?

We strive to do things better

As a young company,we bring energy and a new perspective to the industry – we strive to do things better, always looking for new ways to do business and keep our costs down.

Many of our competitors have been around a long time and become complacent. Some have also worked themselves into a position where their retailers can only stock their beds, resulting in prices rising over time.

We stand by our product

We are confident and proud of the quality of our beds. This is why we provide a warranty of up to 10 years.

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