Experience affordable luxury on a Slumberzone bed and mattress

At Slumberzone, we design your comfort

Sleep – one of life’s Luxury. With a Slumberzone bed or mattress luxury is now within your reach. You no longer need to pay sky-high price for a great night’s sleep.

We are a New Zealand bed and mattress manufacturer and importer committed to doing things better – better processes and better methods of production. This enables us to offer luxurious beds for a blissful & rejuvenated sleep.

Slumberzone quality

The world is at the cusp of new age, its the age of innovation and revolutionary ideas. Its the age of future! In these times Slumberzone is leading the charge of innovation and next generation technology in the field of mattress manufacturing.

Slumberzone has strived to keep ahead of our contemporaries, by going beyond conventional reality and constantly innovating to make sure our customers get best sleeping products.

The secret to our consistence in success is our adherence to certain core values, namely quality components, low overheads, next generation technologies and best after sales services to assure customer satisfaction in terms of Sleep comfort and their trust on Slumberzone.

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